Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Seeking Volunteers for Girl Scout STEM events

Did you know Girl Scouts is committed to providing every girl a chance to explore the fascinating world of STEM? Girl Scouting encourages girls of all ages by offering "fun with purpose" through its K–12 national program.  Girls explore a variety of interests, everything from the arts to the outdoors and, of course, STEM.
We are excited to reach out to the TACNY community for support with TWO upcoming girl events in Syracuse*.  Dynamic, engaging, enthusiastic men and women are encouraged to volunteer and women interested in serving as role models are especially welcomed.
1.       Feed Your Head, Wednesday, May 16th 6:30-8pm at the DeWitt Community Library
a.       We are seeking 4-8 volunteers with special areas of interest in: entertainment technology (with grades 4-5); simple home science experiments (with grades 2-3); forensic science & criminal psychology (grades 6-8); science behind the fashion/beauty industry (grades 9-12)
b.      Each age level will complete 2-5 activities within the theme towards a specific badge.  There is flexibility within the requirements that can be discussed in more detail.
c.       Materials will be purchased by the Girl Scouts.
2.       Top Jobs 2018, Tuesday-Friday, July 17-20th 12:30-2:30PM
a.       A business host and professionals within the field to host ONE day with a group of girls grades 6-12.  During the two hours, girls will tour an “innovative business,” share time with professionals and experience a sampling of what the job entails.
b.      Fields of interest include: biomedical engineers, network systems analysts, financial examiners, medical scientists, physicians assistants, biochemists & biophysicists, skin-care specialist, athletic trainers
c.       Note: On Monday, July 16th girls will receive What Color is Your Parachute? For Teens, identify some of their specific interests and assess their transferable skills and develop “burning questions” about the businesses we will visit.
*Each of these events is mirrored in both Utica and Binghamton.  We are seeking specialized support in those regions, as well.
Please contact me, if you are interested in learning more about either of these events. 
It is through the support of committed "real life topic experts" in our community, that the Girl Scout Leadership Experience comes to life and girls will become inspired to explore STEM careers!
Thank You,
Christina M. Verratti
Senior Manager, Series and Events Pathways
Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc.
8170 Thompson Road, Cicero, NY  13039

T 315.698.9400, ext 2126
F 315.698.9500

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